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  • Introduction to Visual Management

    - Visual Factory vs. Traditional
    - Systems approach to implementation
    - Benefits of a Visual Factory
    - Implementation Plan
  • Introduction to the 5S System - Part of the Visual Factory Series

    - Benefits of the 5S System
    - Discussion of Sort, Set in Order, Sweep, Standardize and Sustain
    - Implementation of the System
  • Advance Visual Management

    - After you have started the Visual and 5S implementation
    - Powerful insight into the hidden capacity that is uncovered by Visual Management
    - Discussion of Visual Management as it relates to the 7 Types of Waste
  • Seven Types of Waste

    - Uncover the waste in your process
    - Identify opportunities to apply continuous improvement tools to reduce that waste
    - Measurement systems that allow you to benchmark across all industries
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Online

    - More details will soon be available for our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt online course. If you are interested in receiving more information immediately, please contact jtweston@westech.org.

    Thank you!