Lean Six Sigma implementations have already saved tremendous amounts of time and money for government agencies, and will continue to generate improved productivity, efficiency and savings as they become more widespread. By minimizing waste and inefficiencies and enabling workers to achieve near-perfect quality, Six Sigma government applications can help local, state and federal agencies attain the type of results that have been enjoyed by corporations for many years.

Although governmental organizations do not function for making profits, they still have plenty of reasons for implementing Six Sigma concepts and methodologies in their work processes.

In 2013, Westech partnered with a state level Department of Transportation to study the road construction process including the repair and maintenance of state roads. Westech's identification of underutilized equipment was vital in the state avoiding purchasing 1.7 million in new equipment.

"Without Westech's application in process improvement, we were facing limited resources and increasing needs that were not going to be easily met. Our partnership provided real solutions and costs savings that will allow us to maintain public and employee safety in superior manner."
-State Superintendent of Contracts

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