Lean Manufacturing benefits from implementing lean Six Sigma. If you are in the manufacturing industry, you might consider implementing these types of methodologies for strategy to improve the business, especially if you have recognized a need for change.

In a volatile economy and private sector, the focus remains on increasing profits and reducing waste. By now, most manufacturers have tried some form of continuous improvement, many unsuccessfully. Westech has a proven track record of revitalizing those failed programs and leading manufacturers to success.

Recently Westech worked with a manufacturer suffering from Kaizen Blitz fatigue. Many of the manufacturer's efforts had regressed or were simply non-existent. Westech worked with leadership to align their efforts with their strategic goals, set realistic milestones, and engaged the workforce to make lasting improvements. These efforts resulted in the manufacturer experiencing a 13% increase in market share and a 12% reduction in waste.

"Westech's ability to pick up the pieces and provide clarity to our process was second to none."
-Vice President of Manufacturing, Ohio Rubber Extrusion Facility

For a limited time, Westech Consulting Group is offering a half-day, onsite assessment, where we work with stakeholders to identify areas for improvement and to align strategicals and outcomes. Contact us today!